Commissioning Artwork

If you are considering commissioning artwork from me, here are a few points to help you understand the process.

If you would like to speak to me further please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Source Material

If you would like to commission a piece of artwork from me, I am able to work from photographs. These must be of good quality, clear and of a true colour reference to the actual subject. You can supply these photographs yourself, or in some cases I am able to take my own photographs. If you are using other photographs please make sure you have the owner of the photographs permission to use them for artwork reproduction and/or reference.

Considering Artwork Subject, Medium and Size

When considering commissioning a piece of artwork have in mind how you would like your subject portrayed. A likeness, a mood, a reference. Or perhaps a past figure or event. The complexity of the finished piece has bearing on many aspects, including time to produce and cost. There is also the medium to consider. Oil or perhaps a drawing in Charcoal/Pencil/Chalk. Some subjects suit some mediums better than others. There is of course the colour aspect and overall look. And finally the size of the artwork. Do you have a wall space in mind for the finished piece? Or are you open to different sizes?

I am more than happy to help you with this process with suggestions and recommendations for your artwork.

The Commissioning Process

Once you have decided upon the subject, medium and size, I will produce an oil sketch (for paintings only). This sketch in oils is on a smaller scale than the finished piece and is produced to give you an overall idea of what the finished piece will look like. While not having the same attention to detail as the painting it represents, it will give a guide to the colourway and layout of the painting.

For drawings I can produce a simple drawing on request. But in most cases the drawing can begin after the initial discussions and decisions are made.

This is a helpful stage for you to add elements or make alterations to the piece before the painting begins proper. On approval of the sketch I will begin the painting. At this stage I should be able to give you an idea of how long the painting will take to complete. On approval of the oil sketch/sketch I will require a deposit to be paid. The remaining of the balance can be paid at the completion of the artwork.

Below are slides showing the sketch stages to finished pieces.

On completion of the artwork I will send you a photograph of the piece via email for approval. At this stage you can see the finer details and make any last stage changes if you require them. Once this is approved the painting will then stand to dry. Again, at this stage I should be able to tell you how long this process should take. Once dry the painting will be varnished.

After varnishing the painting will be ready to send to you.

Framing your Artwork

When your artwork is finished you may consider framing it. I can frame the piece for you if you require, so that it is ready to hang when you receive it. Framing costs are extra, dependent on frame and size etc. This cost is not included in the commission price.

Delivery of the Finished Artwork

When your artwork is ready to be sent to you I can arrange delivery. This cost is extra and a price can be quoted once the weight and size of the parcel is known. The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the commission. Please ask me for a quote if this service is required.

Commission Pricing

Commission costs are based upon the size of the piece, medium and complexity. Prices can be accurately given once these factors are known. Below is a simple sample guide to commission costs. The prices shown are the starting prices for the most basic pieces in each of the following mediums and sizes.

  • 12 inches x 16 inches - oil on canvas (cotton)  -  £100

  • 16 inches x 20 inches - oil on canvas (cotton)  -  £180

  • 12 inches x 10 inches - Charcoal on paper (white)  -  £80

  • 16 inches x 20 inches - Charcoal on paper (white)  -  £160

    Many more sizes and options are available please contact me for further details.

If you would like to contact me to discuss a possible commission please use the contact form below.