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About The Artist

G Dieudonne

Perhaps it is something you might expect an artist to say, but art’ has always been part of my life. I have drawn and painted in some fashion or another since my earliest days. Time and experience has expanded on my range, as practice has upon my skill. I very much grew up with an appreciation for the classics and the old masters. And this made my decision at an early stage as to which type of art I wished to pursue.

In my teenage years I grew a great love for horseracing and bloodstock, coupling this with my passion for history and research, my future genres for painting and style were in many ways, set out.

Although I am self taught in art, I have studied the art of the past, in both research and practical study. In the hope of developing my own work. And my wish is to continue to develop, with ever more techniques and ideas to try.

I have always enjoyed oil painting and saw this medium as my main focus. But I have also embraced charcoal, pencil and chalk drawings in more recent times. Going from a highly concentrated work with many detailed elements, as you find in oil painting, to a medium which requires such as limited palate is quite refreshing. And while my aim has always been to express great details and realism in a more traditional style, these two mediums help to expand upon my experience and skill.

In the work I produce I hope to observe detail, depth, tone and warmth. And in representing figures in art I hope to do the sitter justice, whether human or animal. Give character, honour and most importantly a portrait their commissioner will love.

I have a selection of original pieces for sale, as well as a small selection of gifts. I also take commission work.

If you would like contact me please feel free use the link below and I look forward to hearing from you.